Three generation back people went on foot or by carriage drawn by horsefirst luxury: a bicycleluxury: first car

-IBIZA Island -

Never before in the history of the island of Ibiza has been such a big change in so little time.
It has been for the last sixty years and we have people adapted to the times in which we live, as always.
I put myself as an example, but we could put many other families of the island.

My grandfather, same as most of the people at those times, worked in agriculture.
He did not own land, so he worked mayoral farm and what was produced he shared with the owner.
He took also one of the few ways that then existed on the island to get a wage, working in the salt.
At the end of the summer and when land did not give so much work, leaving his wife and children, that is my grandmother, my father and my uncles, the care of the land and animals, sheep, goats, cows, horse, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, etc.. and left to collect the salt and salt loading on the ships that came to get it.

A hard work where there are, the days from sunrise to sunset, carrying large bags on his head, suffering from high temperatures and the effects of salt on the skin.
Few were the days that he could afford it, but when he had time enough, he liked to go fishing.
At that time, people went on foot or by carriage drawn by a horse.
With time and effort, he had managed to buy a bicycle and he rode to the coast on it to fish.
While he spent a pleasant moment fishing, it also brought some variety to feed the family.

My father lived through the era in which young people left the land to begin work in tourism.
Once married, he became independent from his family and began working in another mayoral farm.
It was there I was born.

By the end of the fifties Ibiza Airport opened to commcercial traffic, and TOURISM began.........

At the end of the fifties, the airport opened to commercial traffic and tourism began arriving in significant numbers.
My father found work at night concierge at the hotel Montesol, which was the first hotel in town, called before the Ibiza Gran hotel, opened in 1933.
The night work allowed him to study languages by himself.
He learned some English and French and soon became a receptionist, reception manager and later director of the hotel.
Until then he went to work by bicycle, but then his salary allowed him to buy his first car, a Renault “Gordini”.
A few years later, he bought a small hostel.

That was where I was raised.
I inherited from my father love for foreign languages and from a very young age I liked to talk to tourists and tell them things from my island.
At that time I could not know that this would become my profession.

by IBIZA GUIDE: Jose Costa Torres

Member of the A.P.I.T.I.F 
- Association of OFFICIAL TOURIST GUIDES for Ibiza and Formentera



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